Light Green Line Jasper Stone Single Flare Plugs. Sold as a pair.

  • $ 5.95

Most of these plugs are a LIGHT PALE GREEN(see the picture with 2 plugs and look at color of smaller gauge).   Look at pictures some can be a pale green while a few are a little darker.   Don't order if you will be disappointed by color variations. Smaller gauges(2g-8g) seem to be generally even a lighter color. Single Flare Green Line Jasper Stone Plugs. Sold as a pair.Flare  Includes Clear Silicone O rings. Smooth and Polished finish. Due to the nature of organics there will be variations in the material and it's color.  
Green Line Jasper: Restore your inner calm and ward off negative energy. This stone brings reassurance and reconnects human connection to Earth. Energizes the human physical body

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